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⭐ Average Used: $323
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⏰ Last updated: 2021-01-14
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The average price for 06g-p4-4992-kr is $389 for new, sold eBay auctions. Used 06g-p4-4992-kr sold eBay prices are $323. New sold listings averaged $66 higher compared to used sold listings for a difference of 20.43%.

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06g p4 4992 kr is the part number for the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti SC Gaming graphics card that was accelerated by the new NVIDIA Maxwell architecture.

The 06g p4 4992 kr offers a 4k virtual reality experience. This graphics card comes with 6 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory and has the horsepower to handle whatever comes next in the game.

The 06g p4 4992 kr offers three times the performance ability and three times the memory of graphics cards from the previous generations. Even the most difficult VR games can be played smoothly at high settings with an ultra high-definition experience.

Also included with the 06g p4 4992 kr is ACX 2.0+ cooling technology. This includes a memory MOSFET cooling plate, also known as MMCP to reduce temperatures by thirteen percent. It also includes straight heat pipes (SHP) to reduce GPU temperature by another 5 degrees C.

Finally, the coolers also come with optimized fan blades, extreme low power motor, and double ball bearings to offer more air flow while using less power. This creates more power available for the GPU.

When the temperature reaches 60 and below, the cooling fans turn off to allow for silent operating during the game.