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Jordan 13 Retro Flint

💰 eBay New Price: $217
⭐ eBay Used Price: $174
✅ eBay New Listings: 205
⏰ Last updated: 2021-06-07
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The average price for Jordan 13 Retro Flint is $217 for new, sold eBay auctions. Used Jordan 13 Retro Flint sold eBay prices are $174. New sold listings averaged $43 higher vs used sold listings for a difference of 24.71%. There are 205 new listings for Jordan 13 Retro Flint on sale right now. There are 200 used or pre-owned auctions for sale on eBay currently. These results were updated at 2021-06-07 01:28:14.

The famous Jordan 13 Flint-Grey sneaker is back as of the May 2020 release date, and this shoe is better than ever. If you're trying to cop a pair of these high-demand Jordan brand shoes, you need to know the best places to shop online. Here, we'll cover four marketplaces where you can find these Nike retro Jordan 13 shoes: eBay, Stockx, Goat, and Grailed.

About the Air Jordan 13 Flint

The Air Jordan Retro Flint takes after the original sneakers' brilliant style with its reflective detailing and signature flint grey white and navy paneling. StockX has even reported that this is their best-selling sneaker of all time! We're thrilled that the latest version of the Jordan 13 retro Flint had its release date in May and is now available to buy on several marketplaces.

Where It All Began

Ever since the fantastic shot that gave North Carolina a championship victory, Michael has been a basketball icon. So has the Jordan 13 Flint! In 1985, MJ arrived on the court in the original AJ I. That year, he simultaneously broke basketball league rules and his opponents' resolve, which resulted in a massive fan movement in his favor. During MJ's final National Basketball Association (NBA) playoff series back in 1998, his power on the court earned him his last ring. With MJ, the Bulls snatched the title for the sixth time out of eight seasons. Stirred by the Black Panther's prowess on the court, MJ wore the Jordan Brand AJ 13's throughout that historic year. The Jordans retros 13 or AJ 13 flint grey-and-white color scheme was the first of their kind, developed, and promoted for the AJ 13. The Air Jordan 13 legacy continues to inspire admirers worldwide with its singular logo and branding.

May 2020 Release Date of the AJ 13 Retro Flint

The latest line that launched in 2020 is as close to the original as can be. The reflective features on the upper part of the shoe sparkle, just like the old-school version. The new Air Jordan 13 retro Flint's navy blue colorway matches the original Jordan 13 Flint to a tee. This singular AJ 13 also reverts to the shaped white sock liner that marked the earliest model. It gives wearers aplomb with its ready-for-action fit. The Flint 2020 shoe box has a re-imagined design that brings back the style of the Air Jordan Retro 13 Flint original with a new twist. The launch of the AJ 13 generated a lot of excitement, and when you see the newly imagined sneakers with the old-school vibe, you'll understand. Check out this video for a visual tour of how the AJ 13 stacks up against the original Jordans.

Fun Facts About Jordan 13 retro flint

Did MJ ever wear Air Jordan 13 Flint?

MJ reportedly wore the 13 retro Flint in 1998, the same year he earned his final ring. The brand quickly became a classic. The Air Jordan 13 Flint paved the way for the future success of the Jordan brand, earning the nickname "The People's Jordan" for inspired fans worldwide.

When was the last time the Flint 13s had a release date?

The last Air Jordan 13 Flint release date was in 2010. Before that, it came out in 2005, when there were two re-releases. Word on the street was the Flint 13 was supposed to re-release in 2017, but this never happened. Sneakerheads had to wait until May 2020 for the much-anticipated sneakers.

Why is the Air Jordan 13 called Flint?

This Air 13 shoe gained its name due to its flint-colored grey suede panels present in its heel, midsole, and mudguard.

Buyer's Reviews on 4 Platforms

Now we get to the nitty-gritty – where to access the Flint 2020 shoes online. Since its release date, these shoes have popped up on several third-party sites. If you're looking for a better deal on Air Jordan 13 Flint 2020 shoes, look what's available on platforms like eBay, Goat, Grailed, or StockX. Here's what we think of buying Flint 2020 shoes on each platform.


While reliable and recommended by many, eBay seems to sell out of these shoes quickly. Please also keep an eye out for fake Air Jordan 13 shoes on this platform, as it's easy for sellers to recreate some of its details. Pros
  • Good ratings – 4.3 stars – from Air 13 customers
  • User friendly
  • Great price for Air Jordan 13's (100% say)
  • Fair quality Air Jordan 13's (50% say)
  • Good selection of sizes
  • Shoppers recommended using the site to buy this Air Jordan 13 (50% say)
  • Air Jordan 13 sells fast on this marketplace
  • Some customers reported receiving fake Air 13's


The StockX platform gets fair Air Jordan 13 customer ratings in general, and we like that you can bid on a Flint 2020 product to get the best price. Pros
  • You can check out sales history on the site to check if you are getting a reasonable price
  • You can bid on Air Jordan 13's and name your price
  • Get brand new Flint 2020s, unwrapped and never worn
  • The fantastic stock of sizes and selection
  • A user-friendly and attractive website
  • You can only buy new Flint 2020 sneakers on StockX.


Goat gets a 4.8-star rating on, and you can shop for many MJ brand shoes as you please. However, user reviews suggest the customer service isn't stellar. That said, being able to authenticate your 13 Flint sneakers is crucial, and Goat delivers in that regard. Pros
  • High customer approval ratings
  • Authenticates Air Jordan 13 retro Flint sneakers before they are shipped
  • Bid on Air Jordan 13 Flint shoes or buy directly
  • High Air 13 Flint customer complaints volume
  • Reports of poor customer service
  • Slow turnaround time for delivery
  • Many users report frequent crashes


The Grailed platform has several pages of sellers with various sizes of Air 13's, so there is an excellent variety. With most customers giving feedback of four or five stars, Grailed is a superb place to look for your Air Jordans 13. This reputable site has become a popular place to buy the Air Jordan 13 Flint since the release date. Grailed doesn't get the best ratings in general, though, so please do research. Pros
  • High Air 13 customer ratings
  • Good turnaround time for feedback and delivery of May Flint 2020
  • Great selection of sizes
  • Fair Air Jordan 13 prices
  • Grailed gets low customer reviews and ratings in a general sense, so please be careful.
  • A Captcha box pops up on the landing page and each product page when browsing Air Jordan 13's. Good to know that security is in hand, but it isn't enjoyable if you want to scan several Air 13's. You can remedy this if you register an account with Grailed for Jordan 13 Flint.
  • Some customers reported getting fake sneakers, not getting their product after paying or slow turnaround time.

Final Thoughts

Since the release date, buying authentic Air Jordan 13 flint sneakers online for a reasonable price can be tricky. Make sure you do your research on the buying platform you want to use well. Look for the latest Air Jordan 13 customer reviews for the Flint 2020 shoe, and always check the seller profile to make sure they are legit!